2002 ABPP Partnership Project Awards

Each year the American Battlefield Protection Program awards grants for a broad range of historic preservation projects that help protect significant battlefields on American soil. This year the ABPP received 59 eligible applications for project grants. Thirteen projects were selected representing $318,500 in grants.

Site of Gilbertown, Rutherford County, North Carolina
  • White Mountain Apache Tribe, AZ - $24,000 to conduct research and prepare a preservation plan for the Cibecue battlefield, site of an 1881 engagement between the U.S. Army and Apache warriors
  • Nez Perce Tribe, ID - $37,700 to conduct an archeological survey of the 1877 Clearwater battlefield
  • Mill Springs Battlefield Association, KY - $8,000 to update the Mill Springs Battlefield Preservation Plan
  • City of Monroe, MI - $30,000 to assess the archeological potential of the War of 1812's River Raisin battlefield
  • Mississippi Department of Archives and History, MS - $7,300 to conduct archival research and an archeological survey of the 1864 Okolona battlefield
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, MT - $15,000 to prepare a multiple property National Register nomination for battlefields and associated sites of the Great Sioux War
  • Pueblo of Zuni, NM - $34,000 to locate and survey the Hawikku battlefield, site of an engagement between the Spanish and Zuni in 1540
  • Warren County Historical Society, NY - $22,000 to conduct archival research, a cultural resource survey, and mapping of the Colonial Military Road and associated battle sites
  • Rutherford County Historical Society, NC - $5,000 to prepare a National Register nomination for the Revolutionary War site of Gilbert Town
  • Oklahoma Historical Society, OK - $36,000 to develop a regional Civil War trail map
  • Carolinas Backcountry Alliance, SC - $20,000 to develop partnerships and foster regional support for National Heritage Area designation of the Carolina Backcountry for its role in the Revolutionary War
  • City of Brownsville, TX - $29,500 to conduct an archeological and cultural resource survey of the 1846 Resaca de la Palma battlefield
  • Shenandoah County, VA - $50,000 to prepare preservation plans for Fisher's Hill and Tom's Brook Civil War battlefields

    Total $318,500

In October 2001, the ABPP invited units of federal, state, local and tribal governments, State Historic Preservation Offices, nonprofit organizations, friends groups, and educational institutions to submit grant applications. Grant applications and application guidelines were mailed to approximately 2,000 organizations and about 500 tribes. The application guidelines listed the following examples of eligible activities for ABPP grants.

  • Developing protection strategies, mechanisms, and systems to protect battlefield lands.
  • Identifying and evaluating significant historic battlefield lands.
  • Enhancing the technical or management abilities of battlefield protection organizations or local governments.
  • Providing public education and/or interpretation of a battlefield to build support for preservation and protection of battlefield sites.
  • Assessing the condition of a battlefield or its related features and undertaking work to stabilize or preserve those features.

The ABPP received 59 eligible applications. Each application was reviewed, scored, and discussed by a panel of 12 National Park Service historians, archeologists, grant managers, and preservation planners. Reviewers evaluated the applications using the following criteria.

  • Significance of the battlefield land
  • Demonstrated threat to the battlefield
  • Preservation need and appropriateness of the project
  • Well-planned objectives, tasks, and schedule
  • Qualifications of applicant and partner organizations
  • Reasonable and justified budget

Priority for fiscal year 2002 funding was given to those battlefields listed as Priority I or II sites in the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission's 1993 Report on the Nation's Civil War Battlefields and to other battlefield sites of national significance as determined by the National Register of Historic Places and State Historic Preservation Officers.


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