Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report
National Park Service


Major Campaigns and Interpretive Themes Not Represented in the National Park System

A. Campaigns and Operations: Associated Major Sites

Operations in Indian Territory, 1861 & 1863

Chustenahlah (OK003)
Honey Springs (OK007)

Savannah Campaign (March to the the Sea), 1864

Fort McAllister (GA028)
Griswoldville (GA025)

Red River Expedition, 1864

Mansfield (LA018)
Fort DeRussy (LA017)
Pleasant Hill (LA019)

Price's Missouri Expedition, 1864

Newtonia (MO029)

Carolinas Campaign, 1865

Bentonville (NC020)

Shenandoah Valley, 1862-1864

National Park Service Shenandoah Valley Report 1992

B. Interpretive Theme: Associated Major Sites

Naval Operations

Hampton Roads (VA008)

Cavalry Operations

Brandy Station (VA035)

Exceptional Individual and Group Bravery --African-American

New Market Heights (VA075)

Partisan Operations

Corydon (IN001)


Palmeto Ranch (TX005)


1. The most important Class A or B battlefields still in existence from the respective campaigns or themes that also are in good condition. These sites have not been studied to determine whether any meet established National Park System suitability and feasibility criteria.

2. These sites already have state parks protecting some of the battlefield (Table 5) except Corydon, which is partly a county park, and Palmeto Ranch, which is partly owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

3. Recommendations of major battlefields associated with Shenandoah Valley campaigns may be found in "Study of Civil War Sites in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, pursuant to Public Law 101-628," expected to be submitted by the Secretary of the Interior to Congress in Fiscal Year 1993 (i.e., before October 1, 1993).

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