Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report
National Park Service


Civil War Battlefields at National Parks

National Park Name, Battlefield (Reference Number), Military Class, Integrity/Threats, Management Acres
(see NOTES below)



1. Integrity Key: G, F, P, L = Good, Fair, Poor, Lost Threats Key: H, M, L, = High, Moderate, Low

2. Management Acres = Portion of authorized boundary actually under NPS management.

3. National Park abbreviations:
NB = National Battlefield
NM = National Monument
NBS = National Battlefield Site
NMem = National Memorial
NBP = National Battlefield Park
NMP = National Military Park
NHP = National Historical Park
NS = National Seashore
NHPP = National Historical Park and Preserve
NST = National Scenic Trail

4. NMF = No meaningful figure; park authorization based on multiple resources with individual battlefields not specifically identified in NPS data.

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Creation Date: 3/16/95

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