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Kock’s Plantation  

Other Names: Cox’s Plantation

Location: Ascension Parish

Campaign: Taylor's Operations in West Louisiana (1863)

Date(s): November 28, 1862

Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Godfrey Weitzel and Brig. Gen. Cuvier Grover [US]; Brig. Gen. Tom Green [CS]

Forces Engaged: Godfrey Weitzel’s and Cuvier Grover’s Divisions, XIX Army Corps [US]; two understrength Confederate brigades [CS]

Estimated Casualties: 463 total (US 430; CS 33)

Description: Following the surrender of Port Hudson, two Union divisions were shifted to Donaldsonville by transports, to move inland and pacify the interior. They marched up Bayou Lafourche, a division on each bank. Confederate Brig. Gen. Tom Green posted a brigade on the east side of the bayou and placed his second brigade on the other side. As the Union forces advanced, skirmishing occurred on July 11 and 12. On the morning of the 13th, a foraging detachment set out along both banks of the bayou. Upon reaching Kock’s Plantation (Saint Emma Plantation) they met Rebel skirmishers that forced them back. Then, the Confederates flung their might against the Union troops which kept retiring although they tried to make stands at various points. The Union troops eventually fell back to the protection of the guns in Fort Butler at Donaldsonville, about six miles from Kock’s Plantation. A much smaller Rebel force had routed the Yankees. The expedition failed, leaving the Confederates in control of the interior.

Result(s): Confederate victory

CWSAC Reference #: LA015

Preservation Priority: IV.1 (Class C)

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