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Marais des Cygnes   

Other Names: Battle of Osage, Battle of Trading Post

Location: Linn County

Campaign: Priceís Missouri Expedition (1864)

Date(s): October 25, 1864

Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton [US]; Maj. Gen. John S. Marmaduke and Maj. Gen. James F. Fagan [CS]

Forces Engaged: Provisional cavalry division [US]; cavalry division [CS]

Estimated Casualties: Unknown

Description:  Maj. Gen. Sterling Price led an expedition into Missouri which Union forces under Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis and Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton finally countered around Kansas City, Missouri. Price withdrew south, and Pleasonton, commanding in the field, pursued him into Kansas and fought him at Marais des Cygnes. After an artillery bombardment that began at 4:00 am, Pleasontonís men attacked furiously. Although outnumbered, they hit the Rebel line, forcing them to withdraw.

Result(s): Union victory

CWSAC Reference #: KS004

Preservation Priority: III.3 (Class C)

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