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Revolutionary War and War of 1812
Historic Preservation Study

In response to a call from Congress, the National Park Service has identified and documented 677 significant places associated with the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. The resulting report presents information about at-risk battlefields and associated properties for consideration by Federal, State, tribal, municipal, non-profit, and private entities.

This study is the broadest Federal effort to indentify important places associated with the two wars. During the study, the National Park Service called upon the expertise of an advisory committee of 13 scholars. The committee looked at the wars from the perspectives of the colonists, European nations, American Indians, and African Americans in order to determine the relative significance of the sites. The National Park Service then began an extensive four-year field effort to examine the condition of 243 battlefields and 434 associated historic properties in 31 States, DC, and the US Virgin Islands. Field surveys indicate that as many as 170 sites, especially those located in rapidly developing areas, will face injury or destruction in the next decade.

The study report establishes preservation priorities among the sites and provides information about model programs at the Federal, State, and local levels that can be used to help protect them. The ABPP encourages interested communities to pursue preservation activities at these sites. Please contact your State Historic Preservation Office for information about programs and resources in your state that can help preserve and enhance Revolutionary War and War of 1812 sites. If you have specific questions about the report, please contact the ABPP.

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