February 2018 Monthly Theme: Learning from Leaders

images of leaders including John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Charles Young, Maggie Walker

From Frederick Douglass (born 200 years ago this month!) to George Washington, César Chávez, Maggie Walker, and others working individually and collaboratively—how do parks and public lands celebrate and help us understand leadership?

For the February Monthly Theme, we are encouraging parks, programs, and partners to explore stories and inspiration from leaders and about leadership. We invite a broad approach—from the famous to the lesser known—and especially locally significant individuals, groups, and events.

  • Perhaps your partner park explores the contributions of an iconic leader. Consider sharing some background about your leader’s story and their leadership philosophy, like Gettysburg’s #Leadership Series on Facebook.
  • Are there leaders who joined together to champion your partner park or program? What can you share about their story?
  • Does your organization help your partner park or program to lead the way in resource management?
  • Embrace the six degrees of separation challenge/shout out! Can you connect your partner park or program to others via leaders or leadership qualities? Or perhaps you can connect with other park partner organizations to share common stories of leadership.
  • Are there any fascinating plants or animals at your partner park that embody leadership?
  • What lessons have leaders taught us? Check out the nps.gov/teachers site, especially teacher resources, such as “How Theodore Roosevelt Became a Leader: Childhood of an American President”.
  • How about engaging with your partner park or program to host an event, such as a leadership roundtable, sparked by leadership topics, and invite students, civic groups, and the public to participate?

These ideas are just a start. Think about how to highlight leaders and leadership as you invite new audiences to #FindYourPark!

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Last updated: January 25, 2018