Life Insurance

The Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program offers you an opportunity to sign up for Life Insurance without having to take a physical. All eligible employees are automatically enrolled for the "Basic Life" insurance option upon starting with the NPS, unless you sign a waiver declining FEGLI,
FEGLI offers a Basic Life Insurance coverage and three (3) types of Optional Life Insurance Coverage. FEGLI is a group term life insurance program, and does not build cash value.

New Employees
New employees are automatically enrolled in Basic Coverage as soon as they are eligible.
New employees have sixty (60) calendar days from their appointment with the NPS to increase FEGLI coverage by submitting an SF 2817 to HROC.

Current Employees
Current employees have 60 days from a qualifying life event to increase FEGLI coverage.
Outside the initial enrollment period or a qualifying life event, current employees can increase their coverage by having a physical exam at their own expense, completing an SF 2822, and applying for an increase in coverage.
Employees can reduce or waive coverage at any time by submitting an SF 2817.

FEGLI Open Season Is coming!
A FEGLI life insurance open season has been scheduled for September 1 through September 30, 2016. Coverage elected during the open season will be effective the first pay period beginning on or after October 1, 2017. For more information, please visit and readBenefits Admin Letter 15-203

Beneficiary Forms
There are four different Beneficiary Forms for four different programs.
These forms will help to expedite payments to those whom you designate in the event of your death.
These forms are kept on file in your eOPF. You should check them and make sure they are updated and accurate.
You can change or update your beneficiaries any time, by sending a new form to HROC.

SF 2823 FEGLI Designation of Beneficiary
SF 3102 FERS Designation of Beneficiary
SF 1152 Designation of Beneficiary for Unpaid Compensation
TSP 3 TSP Designation of Beneficiary

To better understand the cost of the FEGLI coverage you might need, use OPM's FEGLI Calculator The calculator allows you to determine the face value of various combinations of FEGLI coverage; calculate premiums for the various combinations of coverage; see how choosing different options can change the amount of life insurance and the premium withholdings.

For all FEGLI-related questions, or to inquire about your particular situation, it’s best to speak with your HROC Benefits representative at 1-877-642-4743 to determine what needs to be done.

Last updated: January 19, 2016