Three types of wildflowers that can be seen at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHP.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace is just a small part of the public lands that make up America's wildflower gardens. Plants and plant communities are critically important to humans and their environment. The many roles that they play range from subtle to obvious. The wildflowers of this area have great aesthetic value. Wildflowers beautify our world. They provide food for animals and like other plants that dot the hillsides they protect the soil from rain damage by holding the soil in place with their root systems. Like any treasure, they must be protected for all to enjoy.

You can be a steward of these resources by:

  • Taking only photographs and memories when you leave
  • Treading lightly and staying on the trails
  • Leaving the flowers for others to enjoy

Examples of the flowers you might see at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace and The Boyhood Home at Knob Creek:

White Flowers
Whorled milkweed
Wild carrot
Spotted wintergreen
White snakeroot - see why this plant has a connection with Abraham Lincoln click here

Yellow Flowers
Greyhead prairie coneflower
Blackeyed susan
Kidney-leaf buttercup

Pink to Red Flowers
Purple coneflower
Fire pink
Field thistle
Bare stemmed ticktrefoil

Orange Flowers

Blue Flowers
Tall bellflower
Dwarf larkspur
Blue mistflower

Green to Brown Flowers
Blue cohosh

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Last updated: April 19, 2020

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