Mammal List

Mammals Known to Occur or Likely to Occur at Abraham Lincoln Birthplace and the Boyhood Home at Knob Creek:

Taxonomic organization and nomenclature as used by Smithsonian Institution and National Museum of Natural History at

Order: Didelphimorphia
Family: Didelphidae (Opossum)
Virginia opossum Didelphis virginiana

Order: Insectivora
Family: Soricidae (Shrews)
Southeastern shrew Sorex longirostris
Smoky shrew Sorex fumeus
Pygmy shrew Sorex hoyi
Short-tailed shrew Blarina brevicauda
Least shrew Cryptotis parva

Family: Talpidae (Moles)
Eastern mole Scalopus aquaticus

Order: Chiroptera
Family: Vespertilionidae (Bats)
Big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus
Silver-haired bat Lasionycteris noctivagans
Eastern red bat Lasiurus borealis
Hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus
Gray bat Myotis grisescens
Little brown bat Myotis lucifugus
Northern bat Myotis septentrionalis
Indiana bat Myotis sodalis
Evening bat Nycticeius humeralis
Eastern Pipistrelle Pipistrellus subflavus
Rafinesque's big-eared bat
Corynorhinus rafinesquii

Order: Lagomorpha
Family: Leporidae (Rabbits)
Eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus

Order: Rodentia
Family: Sciuridae (Squirrels)
Eastern chipmunk Tamias striatus
Woodchuck Marmota monax
Gray squirrel Sciurus carolinensis
Fox squirrel Sciurus niger
Southern flying squirrel Glaucomys volans

Family: Cricetidae (New world rats &
Eastern harvest mouse Reithrodontomys
Prairie deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus
White-footed mouse Peromyscus leucopus
Golden mouse Ochrotomys nuttalli
Meadow vole Microtus pennsylvanicus
Prairie vole Microtus ochrogaster
Pine vole Microtus pinetorum
Southern bog lemming Synaptomys cooperi

Family: Zapodidae (Jumping mice)
Meadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsonius

Order: Carnivora
Family: Canidae (Foxes and allies)
Coyote Canis latrans
Red fox Vulpes vulpes
Gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus

Family: Procyonidae (Raccoons and allies)
Raccoon Procyon lotor

Family: Mustelidae (Weasels and allies)
Long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata
Least weasel Mustela nivalis
Mink Mustela vison
Striped skunk Mephitis mephitis

Family: Felidae (Cats)
Bobcat Lynx rufus

Order: Artiodactyla (Even-toed ungulates)
Family: Cervidae (Deer)
White-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus

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