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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 1999 Projects

Appalachian Native Plant Demonstration (NC,TN)
Develop seven demonstration sites throughout the Appalachians of North Carolina at educational and recreational facilities to educate the public about the importance of native plants and the threat of invasive, exotic plants.
Grantee: Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere Foundation

Appalachian Trail Inventory (NJ,NY)
Inventory the endangered, threatened, rare, and sensitive plant species along the Appalachian National Scenic Trail in New York and New Jersey in order to develop management prescriptions which protect the trail's biological diversity.
Grantee: Appalachian Trail Conference

Buckwheat and Phacelia Protection (NV)
Restore and protect two acres of mesquite woodland habitat for the benefit of Pahrump Valley buckwheat and Parish's phacelia by cleaning illegal dump sites; fencing unauthorized trails; and salvaging, stockpiling, and replanting shrubs.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management, Las Vegas Field Office

Cache Creek Pollinator Habitat (CA)
Protect native plant communities and agricultural areas in northern California by identifying the native insects which pollinate them, developing habitat restoration protocols, and educating local landowners about the importance of native pollinators.
Grantee: Wildlife Conservation Society

Canaveral National Seashore Restoration (FL)
Restore native mangrove and scrub habitats at two sites within the Canaveral National Seashore in Florida by removing concrete slabs and planting native vegetation that will control erosion and provide littoral zones for lagoon animals.
Grantee: National Park Service

Colorado River Habitat Restoration (AZ)
Work with high school students on volunteer service learning projects along the Colorado River corridor and its tributary canyons to restore native plant communities that are being outcompeted by non-native plants.
Grantee: National Park Service

Conservation of Showy Stickweed (WA)
Develop and implement an interagency conservation strategy for showy stickweed and other rare endemic species on the Wenatchee National Forest currently threatened by habitat fragmentation and fire exclusion.
Grantee: USDA-Forest Service, Wenatchee National Forest

Disturbed Lands Revegetation (TX)
Establish a dependable source of native plant material to use in restoration projects on disturbed sites throughout Big Bend National Park in Texas.
Grantee: National Park Service

Florida Keys Rare Palm Conservation (FL)
Protect the endangered Sargent's cherry palm on the Biscayne National Park in Florida through surveying, monitoring, studying seed storage and herbivory, developing a conservation action plan, and publishing educational brochures.
Grantee: National Park Service

Headwater Plant Community Restoration (LA)
Survey and map rare plant communities at the headwaters of streams on the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana in order to locate and restore important seepage communities, which are currently threatened by fire suppression and road construction.
Grantee: USDA-Forest Service, Kisatchie National Forest

Joshua Tree Rare Mint Inventory (CA)
Survey an endemic mint species on the Joshua Tree National Park to assess the impacts of recreational activities and develop management recommendations.
Grantee: National Park Service

Lokern Livestock Grazing Study (CA)
Determine the effects of livestock grazing on the endangered Kern mallow, as well as several endangered animal species, in the Lokern Natural Area in California to evaluate prescribed grazing as a management tool for controlling non-native vegetation.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Medicinal Plant Assessment in Wildlands (DC)
Protect native medicinal plants in United States wildlands by identifying species at risk from commercial trade and making recommendations for their long-term conservation.
Grantee: World Wildlife Fund - TRAFFIC

Native Grass Common Garden Study (CA)
Collect and analyze plant growth and reproduction data from previously revegetated garden sites on the Plumas National Forest to determine the optimum native seed sources to be chosen for revegetation projects at various elevations.
Grantee: USDA-Forest Service, Plumas National Forest

Native Seed Collection Zones-II (CA)
Continue to analyze the degree of genetic variability within several native plant species across their local range, establish native seed collection zones based on environmental site characteristics, and outplant native seedlings in restoration areas.
Grantee: Eastern Sierra Institute for Collaborative Education

St. Ignace Native Plant Landscaping (MI)
Landscape a one-acre site on the Hiawatha National Forest in Michigan with native flora to educate the Forest's 4,000 annual visitors about the importance of native plants.
Grantee: USDA-Forest Service, Hiawatha National Forest

Virgin River Plants and Pollinators (AZ)
Determine the effects on native plants and insect pollinators of saltcedar removal using herbicide treatments as an emulator of biological control methods under consideration for use on Bureau of Land Management lands along the Virgin River in Arizona.
Grantee: U.S. Geological Survey

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