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PCA/NFWF Native Plant Conservation Initiative 2010 Projects

An Ecoregionally-Based Native Plant Curriculum for Oregon
Develop a native plant curriculum that offers hands-on activities and service learning opportunities for Kindergarten through twelfth grade students Project will inspire students to become the future stewards of Oregon's ecosystems as the climate changes.
Grantee: Institute for Applied Ecology

Chassahowitzka Estuary Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Conservation Plan (FL)
Map occurrence and distribution of four Submerged Aquatic Vegetation seagrass species and cypress in the Chassahowizka National Wildlife Refuge estuary. Project will produce bird and animal population data and use geographic information system to assess
Grantee: University of South Florida Institute for Environmental Studies

Conserving Island Flora and Pollinators in a Rising Sea (WA)
Identify remnant Native American gardens and rare plants on Bureau of Land Management managed small islands in Washington state. Project will provide management recommendations and outreach material to support conservation in the face of rising sea level.
Grantee: Kwiaht: Center for the Historical Ecology of the Salish Sea

Extinction Risk and Climate Change Vulnerability of US Cacti in the Southeasten States
Compile conservation status data and assess climate change vulnerability for southeastern cacti for status review and Red List Assessment. Project will prioritize cacti conservation efforts.
Grantee: IUCN-US

Geographic Information System Based Analysis of Endemic Plant Distributions in Arizona
Map distributions of plant endemics and identify centers of endemism on federal lands in Arizona. Project will produce data to be shared to aid conservation planning.
Grantee: The Desert Botanical Garden, Inc.

Great Basin Forb and Pollinator Habitat Increase Project (ID)
Increase the availability of native Great Basin forb and pollinator obligate species. Project will diversify extant sagebrush steppe and monotypic stands of non-native post-fire seedlings.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management

Mason Neck Meadow Inventory and Restoration Program (VA)
Create a meadow restoration program and a web-based inventory for a Bureau of Land Management property in northern Virginia. Project will address two major problems for local conservation: loss of meadows and fragmented native-plant inventories.
Grantee: Earth Sangha

Mattole and King Range Native Plant Restoration and Education Project (CA)
Restore native grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian forests in Northern California's Mattole watershed and King Range National Conservation Area. Project will focus on education outreach and the installation of fifty one thousand native plants.
Grantee: Mattole Restoration Council

Northern California Oak Woodland Restoration Project
Collect native plant material to propagate and plant on lands previously disturbed by human land use. Project will result in restored land and educational presentations made to the public.
Grantee: Bureau of Land Management - Redding Field Office

Pollinator Field Guides, Education, and Monitoring Protocols
Develop and distribute educational materials relating to bumblebees and native plants for use on public and private land. Project will focus on monitoring protocol for climate change research and database development.
Grantee: Coevolution Institute

Pollinator Information Update on Center for Plant Conservation, Inc. Plant Profiles
Collect information on pollinators from peer reviewed journals, gray literature and unpublished reports. Project will update the Center's online plant profiles and database.
Grantee: Center for Plant Conservation, Inc.

Rare Plant Surveys on High Priority Bureau of Land Management Lands in California
Update rare plant and vegetation data on fifteen small islands managed by the Bureau of Land Management in the San Juan archipelago using trained volunteers. Project will produce data to be shared with land managers to inform decisions and provide baselin
Grantee: California Native Plant Society

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