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Locating the Site

Map 1: New England.[Map 1] with link to larger version of map.
(National Park Service)

The Blackstone River meanders through the Blackstone River Valley for 46 miles from Worcester to Providence.

Map 2: The Blackstone River Valley.[Map 1] with link to larger version of map.
(Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor)

The Blackstone River provided the waterpower for the birth of industry in America with its 438-foot drop over a 46-mile length.

Questions for Maps 1 and 2

1. Based on Map 1, how would you describe the Blackstone River Valley's location?

2. Trace the route of the Blackstone River on Map 2. Why was the river so important to the region?

3. Locate Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Why is Pawtucket considered the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution? If needed, refer to Setting the Stage.

4. Locate Worcester, Massachusetts. What role did it play in the economy of the region in the 19th century?

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