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The Freeman School:
Building Prairie Communities--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at The Freeman School: Building Prairie Communities, students will learn about life in a school and community on the Great Plains during the settlement of the American West. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Homestead National Monument of America
The Freeman School is administered by Homestead National Monument of America, a unit of the National Park System. The park's Web pages provide excellent information on the ecology of the prairie, the Homestead Act of 1862, Freeman family information, and a virtual tour of the Freeman School.

National Archives
Search the NARA website a number of items about Western Expansion, including copies of the original Homestead Act and original maps of western areas that were being settled.

Library of Congress: The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920
The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920 exhibit includes a series of photographs of life on the Northern Great Plains between 1880 and 1920 that sets the physical and historical context for western settlers in this region. One section is dedicated to Schooling: Education on the Frontier.

National Register of Historic Places: Teaching with Historic Places
Explore the Teaching with Historic Places lesson plan, Iron Hill School: An African American One-Room School, that focuses on one of 80 schools built between 1919 and 1928 for African American children in Delaware by philanthropist Pierre Samuel du Pont as part of his "Delaware experiment" to reform the state's educational system.

Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
The Clark Historical Library's Web pages include the on-line exhibit One Room Schools: Michigan's Educational Legacy. Featured sections of the exhibit include accounts by teachers and students, descriptions of activities at school, a bibliography of textbooks used by students, and architectural information.

Library of Congress: The American Memory collection
Library of Congress The American Memory collection offers a wide variety of resources about the history of one-room schools, including photographs and oral histories of people who attended them. Start with the search engine, being sure to choose "Match this exact phrase" before you enter "one room school."


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