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Photo 6: McCabe College Building.
[Graphic] Photo 6 with link to higher quality photo.
(Photo by David H. Curl, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park)

The McCabe College Building, built in 1899 as a Methodist school, is the only stone building in Skagway. In 1900, a new civil code allowed tax money to be used to build and maintain public schools. As a private institution, McCabe College could not compete. The building was sold to the federal government on June 1, 1901, for use as a U.S. District Courthouse.

Questions for Photo 6

1. Compare this building with those in Photo 2.

2. What do the materials and design of this building indicate about its importance? What does it indicate about Skagway's permanent population?

3. What function did this building serve other than a school? Why might it have been suitable for this purpose?

* The image on the screen has a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), and therefore will print poorly. You can obtain a high resolution version of Photo 6, but be aware that it will take about 30 seconds to load with a 28.8K modem.




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