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Map 1: Cornish, New Hamphsire and the surrounding region.
[Graphic] Map 1 with link to higher quality photo.
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Questions for Map 1

For a time, Saint-Gaudens maintained two studios in New York City, an apartment and studio in Paris, and a home and studio in rural Cornish, New Hampshire. He came to New Hampshire in 1885 to find a place to model his latest commission, a statue of Abraham Lincoln. He chose the area because he had been told by a friend that it was an area with "plenty of Lincoln-shaped men." He and his family spent summers here from 1885 to 1897.

1. How many studios did Saint-Gaudens operate? What do you think this reveals about his economic and professional status?

2. What would be some of the advantages and disadvantages of an artist maintaining a number of homes and studios?

3. How would you describe the location of Cornish, New Hampshire? Why did Saint-Gaudens choose to open a studio here? What do you think the quote regarding "Lincoln-shaped men" meant?

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