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Illustration 1 & Chart 1
Photos 1 & 2


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Visual Evidence

Photo 3: Reconstructed ironworks buildings.
[Photo 3] with link to higher quality photo.
(Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site)

Drawing 1: Artist's conception of Saugus Iron Works in 1650, by Charles H. Overly, 1953. [Drawing 1] with link to higher quality drawing.
(Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site)

Key to Drawing 1:
1. Ironworks House
2. Grist mill
3. Joseph Jenks' blacksmith
4. Slag pile
5. Blast furnace
6 Dock
7. Warehouse
8. Forge
9. Charcoal storage house
10. Great Pond (main water
11 Canal to ironworks
12. Holding Pond
13. Rolling and slitting
14. Blacksmith shop
15. Saugus River

Questions for Photo 3 and Drawing 1

1. Photo 3 shows how the reconstructed ironworks looks today. What are your impressions of the site? What adjectives would you use to describe the scene? What characteristics of the environment give you clues about its location?

2. Can you identify the furnace, the forge, and the rolling and slitting mill in Photo 3? In which building would you have liked to work? Of the jobs mentioned in the readings, which would you have liked to have? If you had lived in the 17th century, would you have considered the ironworks a good place to work? Why or why not?

3. Compare Photo 3 and Drawing 1. Does the artistís sketch or the photo provide a better understanding of the site? What buildings or other features appear in the artistís sketch but not in the photo?

4. Why do you suppose only some of the buildings have been reconstructed? What seems to be missing from both illustrations that would give us a better understanding of the ironworks?

* The photo and drawing on this screen have a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), and therefore will print poorly. You can obtain a high quality version of Photo 3 and Drawing 1, but be aware that each file will take as much as 30 seconds to load with a 28.8K modem.



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