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Photo 4: Canal and Transmission Lines, ca. 1915.

[Photo 4: Canal and Transmission Lines, ca. 1915. Bureau of Reclamation.] with link to larger version of photo.
(Bureau of Reclamation; photographer unknown)

Questions for Photo 4

1) Compare this photo with Illustration 2. Where might the photo have been taken? What canal might this be? Why do you think so?

2) How many groups of buildings can you identify in this photo? Do you think each group is a farm? Do you think this would be a good location for a farm? Why or why not?

3) How did Reclamation change this landscape when they brought the irrigation water to the land?

4) What does this scene reveal about life in the early 20th century? How is it "modern" compared to our lives today? How does it look "old-fashioned"? Do you think the people who lived on these farms in 1920 thought their life was "modern" or "old-fashioned?" Why or why not?

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