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Photo 3: Interior of the Minidoka Powerplant, 1911.

[Photo 3: Interior of the Minidoka Powerplant, 1911. Bureau of Reclamation.] with link to larger version of photo.
(Bureau of Reclamation)

Photo 3 shows the five original generators installed between 1908 and 1911. The five large machines on the balcony are transformers. Cables carry electricity from the generators to the transformers. The heavy, shielded cables coming out of the tops of the transformers and leading out of the building carry electricity to the transmission lines.

Questions for Photo 3

1) Compare Photo 3 with Illustration 1. What part of the powerplant does the photo show? What is located beneath the floor, in the lower level you cannot see in this picture? How does that relate to the production of electricity?

2) How would you describe the generators? How big are they? How can you tell?

3) How many generators do you see in this photo? Why did Reclamation leave room to add more generators? Did they add any later? (Refer to Reading 2 if necessary.)

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