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Photo 2: Homesteader's Home, Minidoka Project, ca. 1910.

[Photo 2: Homesteader's Home, Minidoka Project, ca. 1910. Bureau of Reclamation.] with link to larger version of photo.(Bureau of Reclamation)

Questions for Photo 2

1) Divide this photo into sections and make a list of everything you see in each section. How many buildings and structures did you find? What purpose do you think they served? What kind of place is this? What buildings can you find in Photo 2 and what do you think they were used for?

2) What evidence of agriculture can you find? Do you think this place receives much rain? Do you think this farm was receiving irrigation water? What evidence can you find in the photo to help you answer that question?

3) Was this homestead using electricity? How can you tell?

4) Do you think this homestead was typical? Why or why not? (Refer to Reading 1 if necessary)

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