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Map 1: Federal Irrigation Projects, 1934.

Map 1: Federal Irrigation Projects, 1934. National Archives and Records Administration.
(National Archives and Records Administration)

Early 20th Century irrigation projects are shown in brown. New irrigation and power projects approved by 1934 are shown in blue.

Questions for Map 1

1) Find the Minidoka Project, an early project in Idaho, near Burley. Use the map scale to estimate how long the brown area is between its eastern and western ends. How wide is it at its widest point? Can you think of any comparison that might help you get a sense of how big this project actually is?

2) Find the Snake River. Where does it start? Where does it end?

3) How many other early projects can you find? What states are they in? Can you identify any geographical feature that the projects have in common?

4) What kind of climate do you think the regions with projects might have? Why do you think so?

5) How do you think irrigation might help people living on a project?

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