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Photo 3: Inside the Cotton Gin, c. 1940

[Photo 3] Inside the Cotton Gin, c. 1940 with link to larger version of map.

(Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation)

Questions for Photo 3

There are three gin “stands” in Photo 3; can you identify them? They are part of the Lummus three 80 (refer to Reading 2), which was the pride of Ira Washington Ethridge. Inside each of the gin stands were saws with 160 teeth. The saws were typically 8 inches in diameter and made of iron. The blades wore out quickly from the hard work of tearing apart the cotton. What do you think that is on the floor of the cotton gin?

Study the four men standing in front of the gin. Do you think they all did the same job?

3. Do you think a cotton gin would be a dangerous place to work? If yes, what possible hazards can you think of? If not, why not? (Refer back to Reading 2, if necessary.)

4. If you could visit the gin today, what would you like to see or hear?

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