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Photo 2: Sharecroppers waiting turn for Cotton Gin, c. 1920

[Photo 2] Sharecroppers waiting turn for Cotton Gin, c. 1920 with link to larger version of image.

(Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation)

Questions for Photo 2

1. What time of year does it look like it is at the farm? What time of day do you think it is? What does that tell you about the harvest of cotton?

2. Look closely at the wagon on the far right. Each wagon held about 600 pounds of cotton, or one bale. If the cotton was packed tightly, another bale could be loaded on top of the first. Do you think the wagon on the right is “double loaded”? Does it look like it has more or less cotton than the other wagons?

3. The owner is talking with a friend in the foreground. What do you think they might be talking about?

Click for a larger version of Photo 2.



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