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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: Sharecroppers Going to the Cotton Fields, c. 1920

[Photo 1] Sharecroppers Going to the Cotton Fields, c. 1920 with link to larger version of image.

(Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm Foundation)

Questions for Photo 1

1. What can you learn about the sharecroppers from this photograph? Could you guess their age? Whether they are black or white?

2. Only one man in the photo is without a mule. Notice that he is using crutches. What injuries do you think a sharecropper might risk? Who do you think would have paid the medical bills?

3. What are these sharecroppers about to do? What is the season in the “cotton clock”? (Refer back to Reading 1, if necessary.)

4. The wheat house is in the background of this photo. Locate it on Map 4. Where do you think these men are standing

Click for a larger version of Photo 1.



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