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Visual Evidence

Map 3: Shields-Ethridge Farm, 1940

[Map 3] with link to larger version of image.

Map 4: Agricultural Complex, Sharecroppers’ Village, 1940

[Map 4] with link to larger version of image.

Questions for Maps 3 and 4

1. Count the number of black and white sharecropper houses marked on Map 3. The distance between houses roughly represents the amount of land each had to farm. Does it appear that black and white sharecroppers farmed equal amounts of land?

2. Locate the Bachelors’ Academy on Maps 3 and 4 and the Commissary on Map 4. The school was ¾ of a mile from the Commissary. Estimate how far children walked to school from each of the residences, both owners’ and sharecroppers, assuming that the children walked along the roads. How far would they walk to buy candy at the Commissary?

3. What buildings in the agricultural complex section of the sharecroppers’ village suggest other crops, besides cotton, that were grown on the Shields-Ethridge Farm?

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