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Historical Context

Map 1




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Locating the Site

Map 2: The State of Georgia.

[Map 2] with link to larger version of map.

(Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm)

Questions for Map 2

Comparing Map 2 with Map 1, where is Georgia situated in the Cotton South?

2. Find the Shields-Ethridge Farm on Map 2. The farm is located in the Piedmont region of Georgia. This area in the northern part of the state has hills and mountains and was once forested with oak, pine, and hickory. The coastal region of the state is flat and sandy.1 How do you think cotton farms in the Piedmont area would differ from those in the coastal area?

3. Interstate 85 runs just eight miles to the north of the Shields-Ethridge Farm today, and is a major corridor between Greenville, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. How do you think the proximity of a major highway might affect the area surrounding the farm?

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1 The University of Georgia, Museum of Natural History.



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