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Visual Evidence

Illustration 1: Inaugural Ball, March 6, 1865 woodcut from Illustrated London News, April 8, 1865.

[Illustration 1] Woodcut image, A Ball in Honor of President Lincoln with link to larger version of image.

(National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)

Questions for Illustration 1

1. List as many details as you can from this picture. How many people are there? What kinds of clothes are they wearing? How big is the space? What is being used for the decorations? What else do you notice? Based on what you have observed, what do you think is going on in this image?

2. Compare this image with the description of this event in the readings. Do you think they give the same impression? What is similar and what is different?

3. Even though the hall is very crowded, what architectural details can be seen? Why might the artist have included these features?

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