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Historical Context

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Locating the Site

Map 2: Civil War Washington, DC.

[Map 2] with link to larger version of map.
(Map by E.G. Arnold, “Topographical map of the original District of Columbia and environs showing the fortifications around the city of Washington,” 1862, Library of Congress.)

At least three federal buildings shown on this map were used for different activities during the second inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. On March 4, the inaugural address and swearing in ceremony took place outside the U.S. Capitol. The same evening, a public reception was held at the “President’s House” (known today as the White House). Two evenings later, on March 6, the inaugural ball was held at the Patent Office, the first time a federal building served as the location for such an event.

Questions for Map 2

Locate the following buildings on this map: the U.S. Capitol, the President’s House and the Patent Office. Approximately how many blocks is the President’s House from the Patent Office?

The Capitol, President’s House, and Patent Office each played a role in the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. What took place at each? Why do you think each of these functions occurred at a different place? If you were planning an inauguration, what events would you include and how would you decide where to hold each?

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