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Photo 3: “High Scalers”

[Photo 3] with link to larger version of image.(Bureau of Reclamation; Ben Glaha, photographer)

Questions for Photo 3

1. Reread Lesson No. 5 in Reading 2. In addition to drilling holes for dynamite, the scalers also knocked unstable rock loose by hand. Why was this work necessary?

2. What safety equipment can you find in this picture? How much protection do you think it offered against rock falling down from above? Look at the upper right hand corner of the image. This shows the floor of the canyon, hundreds of feet below. Do you think the safety equipment would have kept the men from falling?

3. How many high scalers can you find in this photo? Other historic photos show dense rows of men working close together on the canyon walls. How safe do you think this would have been?

4. Many newspapers and magazines featured descriptions and images of the "high scalers." Why do you think they did that? Do you think you would have wanted to do work like this? Why or why not?

Click here for a larger version of Photo 3.



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