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Historical Context



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Photos 1 & 2


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Visual Evidence

Photo 3: Abraham Lincoln.
                                (Library of Congress)

Photo 4: Abraham Lincoln.
                    (National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)

Questions for Photos 3 & 4

1. Compare the two portraits of President Lincoln. Can you tell which picture is taken at the beginning of his presidency and which picture is taken at the end? What clues support your answer?

2. How does President Lincoln’s face look different in the two photographs? Can you infer anything about his duties as president during the Civil War?

3. Referring back to Reading 2, think about Walt Whitman’s observations about President Lincoln and look at your answers to the Walt Whitman reading questions. Do any of those same words apply to these photographs? How would you describe the president in each photo?

4. Look at photographs of a modern president from the beginning and end of his presidency. Compare these modern photographs with the Lincoln images. Has the face of the modern president changed as much as Lincoln’s did? What does this tell you about the job of a president?

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