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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: South side of the White House, ca. 1861.
(National Archives and Records Administration)

Photo 2: South side of the cottage, from Mary Todd Lincoln's photo album.

(Courtesy of the Lincoln Museum, Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Questions for Photos 1 & 2

1. Examine both buildings in the photographs, paying close attention to the size of each building, the design, and other features, such as the number of windows or chimneys. Notice that neither photograph illustrates the “front” side with the main entrance doors. How are these residences similar or different? Which is the more formal home? Which do you think looks more comfortable? How can you tell?

2. Based upon these photographs, in which house do you think you would prefer to live and why?

3. Locate both houses on Map 1a and 1b. How do you think a city house would differ from a country house? How do you behave in different places, such as a friend’s house, your grandparents’ house, at school, or at a job? Do you think you would behave differently in each of the pictured houses? Why or why not?

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