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Photo 2: Fort McHenry Today

[Photo 2] with link to larger version of photo.
(National Park Service)

Questions for Photo 2

1. Compare this recent photo with Illustration 1. What is the same? What features that were there in 1814 are missing? What is new?

2. See if you can identify the “Powder Magazine” in the illustration and in the photo. During the bombardment, a bomb landed directly on the magazine, which was full of gunpowder. What do you think would have happened if the bomb had exploded? The Army greatly enlarged the walls of the magazine after the bombardment. Why do you think that happened?

3. The Union Army made many changes in Fort McHenry around the time of the Civil War, when Maryland was an important border state between North and South. Why do you think they might have strengthened the fort at that time?

4. The flag shown in this photo is the same size as the flag Francis Scott Key saw. It was too big to fly during the bombardment itself because of the bad weather. How do you think the defenders felt when they received orders to raise this flag at the end of the bombardment, when the British were sailing away?

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