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Floyd Bennett Field: Naval Aviation's Home in Brooklyn--Supplemental Resources

By completing the lesson, Floyd Bennett Field: Naval Aviation's Home in Brooklyn, students will learn about the vital role played by naval aviators defending the Atlantic sea lanes and delivering tested aircraft to combat-bound units in the Pacific during World War II. They will also discover the crucial role played by women workers on the home front who helped in one of the greatest industrial feats in history, U.S. wartime aircraft production. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Floyd Bennett Field Resources:
Gateway National Recreation Area
Gateway National Recreation Area is a unit of the National Park System which preserves 26,000 acres in the greater New York City metropolitan area. This website provides general visitor's information about facilities, times of operation, junior ranger programs and special events. Links at this website take teachers and students to the Teaching with Historic Places lesson for another unit of this park, Fort Hancock, a military monument of an earlier era.

Floyd Bennett Field Task Force
This volunteer group of veterans, preservationists, aviation enthusiasts, and historians, who work to support Floyd Bennett Field, maintains a website with historical information, photographs, and documentation about the airfield. The full interviews with WAVES Fran (Boggs) Metcalf, Amy May (Foster) Feluk, and Josephine (Camerlengo) Tanner, along with additional photographs, are available at this site.

World War II History Resources:
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School : World War II Documents
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School has available online a number of primary source documents pertaining to World War II including the Atlantic Charter, Allied and United Nations conference documents, international agreements, Congressional joint resolutions and instruments of surrender.

Department of the Navy, Naval Historical Center
The Naval Historical Center’s website is a valuable resource for information about all aspects of the U.S. Navy in World War II, including photographs, oral histories, official U.S. navy documents, and much more.

The National Archives, A People At War
This online exhibit chronicles the experiences of the people of the United States during World War II through written documents, photographs, posters, petitions, and other primary sources. The segment on Women Who Served features the WAFS/WASPS, the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Service who, like VRF-1, delivered airplanes to units across the country.

Aviation: From Sand Dunes to Sonic Booms
This National Register of Historic Places' on-line travel itinerary provides information on more than 100 historic places listed in the National Register associated with history of aviation, including Floyd Bennett Field. Also included are essays on the Idea of Flight, the Wright Brothers, Aviation Pioneers, Modern Aviation, Air Power, and Space.


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