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Locating the Site

Map 1: Civil War prison camps. [Graphic] Map 1 with link to higher quality map.
(Andersonville National Historic Site, National Park Service)

Union and Confederate Civil War prison camps:
1. Bell Isle—Richmond, Virginia
2. Cahaba Prison—Cahaba, Alabama
3. Camp Chase—Columbus, Ohio
4. Camp Douglas—Chicago, Illinois
5. Camp Florence—Florence, South Carolina
6. Camp Lawton—Millen, Georgia
7. Camp Morton—Indianapolis, Indiana
8. Camp Sumter—Andersonville, Georgia
9. Castle Pickney—Charleston, S.C.
10. Elmira Prison—Elmira, New York
11. Johnson's Island—Sandusky, Ohio
12. Libby Prison—Richmond, Virginia
13. Old Capitol Prison—Washington, D.C.
14. Point Lookout—Point Lookout, MD
15. Rock Island—Rock Island, Illinois
16. Salisbury—Salisbury, North Carolina

Questions for Map 1

1. List the states with prison camps. Which of these states were Union and which were Confederate?

2. Find Andersonville Prison and describe its location in terms of the other Confederate prison camps.

3. What factors do you think may have influenced the placement of Civil war prison camps?

* The map on the screen has a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), and therefore will print poorly. You can obtain a high quality version of the map, but be aware that the file will take as much as two minutes to load with a 28.8K modem.




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