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Paterson, New Jersey:
America's Silk City--
Supplementary Resources

After reading Paterson, New Jersey: America's Silk City, students will know more about the causes and effects of a famous strike and how it affected those who were involved in it. Students and educators who want to know more will find much useful information on the World Wide Web.

Paterson Friends of Great Falls
Visit the Paterson Friends of Great Falls website as it contains a great deal of information on the history of industry in Paterson, the Great Falls/S.U.M. Historic District, and the silk strike. It also includes historic and current photos and links to related sites. The site was created to encourage the preservation of the National Historic Landmark District against unsympathetic development.

Library of Congress: American Memory Collection
Search the American Memory Collection for various primary documents relating to labor history, labor unions, the IWW, and more. Of particular interest is an oral history with the Schagens about working in Paterson.

Industrial Workers of the World
The Walter Reuther Library website contains a short, well-written history of the IWW. It also includes cartoons and posters from the period and a bibliography.

LABOR ARTS is a virtual museum that gathers, identifies, and displays images of the cultural artifacts of working people and their organizations. Included on this website is called Solidarity Forever: A Look at Wobbly Culture which includes cartoons, graphic art, songs and poetry, evoking the vibrant folk culture of the IWW of the early 20th century.

A Short History of American Labor
The State University of New York at Albany website includes a useful overview of labor history that helps put the Paterson strike in a national context.


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