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Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects. TwHP has created a variety of products and activities that help teachers bring historic places into the classroom.

Photo Analysis Worksheet

Step 1:
Examine the photograph for 10 seconds. How would you describe the photograph?

Step 2:
Divide the photograph into quadrants and study each section individually. What details--such as people, objects, activities--do you notice?

Step 3:
What other information--such as time period, location, season, reason photo was taken--can you gather from the photo?

Step 4:
How would you revise your first description of the photo using the information noted in Steps 2 and 3?

Step 5:
What questions do you have about the photograph? How might you find answers to these questions?