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[2 rotating photographs] Current views of the Ellsworth-Jones Building
Courtesy of the Iowa Falls Historic Preservation Commission

Historic view of the Ellsworth-Jones Building
Courtesy of the Iowa Falls Historic Preservation Commission

Constructed in 1902, the Ellsworth-Jones Building illustrates the importance of Eugene S. Ellsworth, businessman and philanthropist. Ellsworth was a land broker, town developer, and philanthropist of immense success. The firm of Ellsworth and Jones, headquartered in Iowa Falls, purchased and sold land throughout the state of Iowa and other mid-western states. The Ellsworth-Jones Building is a superbly intact example of Neo-Classical commercial architecture. The three-story reddish-brown brick building clearly reflects the tastes and affluence of its builder. Typical details from this period include the egg and dart motif of the columns at street level and the dentil work on the cornice. Ionic and Doric columns, Roman arches, acanthus leaf keystones, and foliated decorative elements are other decorative elements found on the exterior of the Ellsworth-Jones Building. There is also a three-story safe, still in use, on the interior of the building.

Ellsworth was active in more than business affairs. He was also instrumental in Iowa Falls' development. He helped secure rail transportation, telephone communication, a golf course, and constructed significant commercial buildings for the city. At the time of his death, he was one of the four wealthiest men in Iowa.


The Ellsworth-Jones Building is located at 511 Washington Ave., in Iowa Falls. The building is currently occupied by Nissly and Nissly, an accounting and farm management firm, and is not open to the public.

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