[graphic heading] Detroit, A National Register Travel Itinerary
Not every significant thing built in Detroit has come with an engine. Since the 19th century, the city has also produced a series of remarkable historic places: estates that testify to the area's success; factories that revolutionized American industry; churches and homes that document the changes in and continuities of everyday life. Though many of these places do have connections to the city's most famous industry, others show that automobiles have been just a part of what has driven Detroit's development.

Detroit: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary illustrates that varied past and its contribution to life today. It uses residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, and religious locations to create a tour--usable on-line or while traveling through the city--that documents how past and present come together. The itinerary features 39 properties, all of which are listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places, America's official list of places important in our history and worthy of preservation. Through maps, descriptions, and photographs of places both famous and little-known, this guide explains why Detroit has long been more than just a Motor City.

[photo] Woodward Avenue, c. 1910

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