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Junior Ranger Programs

A young girl wears a Ranger hat and a junior ranger badge, and a broad smile."Explore, Learn, and Protect!" The Junior Ranger motto is recited by children around the country; each taking an oath of their own to protect parks, continue to learn about parks, and share their own ranger story with friends and family.

The NPS Junior Ranger program is an activity based program conducted in almost all parks, and some Junior Ranger programs are national. Many national parks offer young visitors the opportunity to join the National Park Service "family" as Junior Rangers.

Interested youth complete a series of activities during a park visit, share their answers with a park ranger, and receive an official Junior Ranger patch and Junior Ranger certificate. Junior Rangers are typically between the ages of 5 to 13, although people of all ages can participate.

Eclipse Explorer booklet coverJunior Ranger Let's Go Fishing!

Get reeled into fishing with the new Junior Ranger "Let's Go Fishing!" Activity Book. The National Park Service and friends at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service created a new Junior Ranger book about fishing.

We want new Junior Ranger Anglers to:

- Explore national parks and national wildlife refuges to have safe & enjoyable fishing experiences.
- Learn about many aspects of fishing, aquatic habitats and fishing safety.
- Protect native fish and the habitats on which they depend.


Are you ready to earn your Junior Ranger Angler badge?
Follow these easy steps:

  • Download the booklet or contact your favorite park to see if booklets and badges are available.
  • Complete as many activities in the book as you can.
  • Have a parent/guardian take a picture of a completed page in the booklet and e-mail us. Remember to include your name and address.

Or mail your completed book to:
National Park Service
Junior Ranger Program
1849 C Street NW RM 1448
Washington, DC 20240

Ranger StationWebrangers

Help a baby sea turtle reach the sea... Be a spy... Drive a dog sled... Experience the life and death struggle of a puma.

If you are interested in the world around you and learning about our nation's heritage, this program is for you! And best of all, the WebRanger programs let you become a Junior Ranger from home, school or anywhere.

Click here to set up your ranger station and start your journey! There are more than 70 activities for you to learn along with your parents as you explore, learn, and protect your national parks.

Go to Webrangers now >>

Here are some fun Junior Ranger badges you can earn at home!

Dive underwater, explore a cave, or look up at the night sky. There is so much to learn! Complete an activity book to receive an official Junior Ranger badge.

All About Bats - Learn more about one of the coolest creatures in the world!

SEAC Junior Ranger Archeologist Program Book for the Southeast Archeological Center.

Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer-Join Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Ranger CaLisa on their ecliptic path through this fun and educational book.

Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing! Get reeled into fishing with the new Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing! Booklet.

Discovering the Underground Railroad-The history of the Underground Railroad is a story of human courage, endurance, and the belief of individual freedom.

Junior Cave Scientist Book - Explore the fascinating and fragile underground world of caves, learn about the National Park System, and complete fun educational activities with the Junior Cave Scientist Program.

Historic Preservation Act Jr. Ranger Booklet-In honor of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, you can become a Historic Preservation Junior Ranger.

Junior Ranger Night Explorer Book- Starry night skies are important parts of the special places the National Park Service protects.

Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer Book - Dive into the underwater realm of our National Parks.  (Also available in Spanish!)

MWAC Junior Ranger Archeology Program for the Midwest Archeological Center.

Centennial Junior Ranger Activity Book- Celebrate the wonder of our country's majestic national parks in this fun, informative, and adventure-filled Centennial Junior Ranger booklet.

Junior Paleontologist  Book - Unearth our planet's history, ancient plants, and animals while preserving our rich fossil heritage.

Wilderness Explorer- Explore our nation's wilderness, whether it's in a designated area, near your home, or just one you'd like to know more about!

CLICK HERE for a PDF list of where to send your badge and/or patch requests (for books listed above) >>

Album Cover: Songs For Junior Rangers, Volume 1Songs for Junior Rangers

Last year, more than 800,000 children became Junior Rangers! In addition, the "Songs for Junior Rangers" CD has been awarded the Gold Seal from the Parent's Choice Foundation in Spring 2013. This set includes a 20-page illustrated booklet of lyrics and photos, and a poster map.

Listen to "Explore, Learn, Protect" from the CD:

Find Junior Ranger Pages for Specific Parks

Below is a list of links to Junior Ranger details for each park who has their Junior Ranger information online.