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"Three Models for Managing Living Landscapes," Summer 2007

I was delighted to read the excellent article by Brenda Barrett and Michael Taylor.

Their authoritative comparative analysis of protected landscape models in France (Parcs Naturels Régionaux), the United Kingdom (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and the United States (National Heritage Areas) is very useful in understanding the subtly different ways in which countries have developed landscape protection approaches that are adapted to local needs.

In my past work as director general of the Countryside Commission (a former government landscape protection body in the U.K.), and for IUCN, the World Conservation Union, I have long felt that there was a need for more international collaboration in the area of landscape protection. This applies especially to the management of Category V Protected Areas (that is Protected Landscapes, as defined by IUCN). The paper that Barrett and Taylor have assembled not only records the ways in which these three national Category V systems are similar—or different—but also provides an excellent reference paper for others who might wish to study issues of Category V management in the countries involved, or indeed elsewhere. In this context, it is especially pleasing to see the National Heritage Area model becoming better known at the international level, as well as throughout the U.S.

Renewed congratulations to all concerned.

Adrian Phillips
Evesham, Worcestershire, England