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  • Fire Restrictions

    Fire restrictions prohibiting campfires and charcoal fires in Watchman and South Campgrounds are in effect. More »

  • Trail Closures

    Monday to Thursday through 9/18: The East Rim Trail from Weeping Rock to Echo Canyon, including Hidden Canyon, is closed.
    The Hidden Canyon Trail is closed through 9/18. More »

Stock Use

Visitors horsebackriding

Horses traditionally have been used to explore Zion National Park. Allowed stock animals include horses, mules, and burros. Llamas, dogs, goats, camels, and others are not allowed. Permits are not required for day trips. However, stock are prohibited during spring thaws, unusually wet periods, or times when their use would cause trail damage. Maximum group size is six animals.

Check the Wilderness Map to find out what trails open to stock use. Where trails are present, stock animals must remain on trails. Free trailing or loose herding is not allowed. Maintain a slow walk when passing hikers. When standing, stock must be kept at least 100 feet from drainages. Off-trail use is permitted only in Lower Coalpits Wash from the trailhead to the junction with Scoggins Wash, in Scoggins Wash, and in Huber Wash.

Overnight Trips
The only overnight stock camp is Hop Valley Site A and your stay is limited to one night. A permit is required. Stock must be hobbled or tethered to reduce damage to vegetation. To reduce the spread of noxious and exotic weeds, stock must be fed certified weed-free hay two days prior to the trip.

Did You Know?

Kolob Arch

Kolob Arch, located deep in the backcountry of Zion National Park, is one of the largest freestanding arches in the world. More...