A river heritage

The Colorado River crossing at Yuma, Arizona, has a rich history, accented in recent years by irrigation works that have transformed the region into an agricultural oasis. But in the process, riparian areas suffered and the riverfront became blighted. Today, Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is working to restore the region’s wetlands and reconnect the city to its historic down


A river whose banks are green with vegetation flows through a rolling desert landscape. Script at the top of the image: Colorado River

Celebrating Yuma Crossing

Learn about the history and development of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area.

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Two men read a wayside sign along a wooded trail.

Just What is a National Heritage Area?

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources are nationally important.

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Green banks hug a meandering river.

Yuma Crossing NHA: History, Culture, Heritage

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is home to a wide variety of historic places, cultural sites, community festivals and heritage tours.

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