• The Slaven's beach on the Yukon River

    Yukon - Charley Rivers

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  • Caribou Hunting Emergency Order

    Alaska Emergency Order 03-03-14 closes the southern portion of Unit 25B to state subsistence and state general hunts for caribou. This emergency order does not apply to federally qualified subsistence users within Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. More »


A hiker in the Charley River headwaters
NPS/Josh Spice

There are no maintained trails in the preserve for hiking enthusiasts. Game trails and some old mining trails do provide limited hiking opportunities. Most people find summer hiking best above timberline (3000'-3500') since there are fewer insects, less brush and improved vistas allowing for less chance of surprising or being surprised by wildlife. Historic mail trail areas do provide the oppportunity to hike, but fires during the 1999 and 2002 fire seasons have severely limited their use as easy and enjoyable hiking areas.

As is prudent with any outdoor experience, always leave a trip plan with a friend or family member to help insure your safety. The Eagle Visitor Center staff will be happy to file a backcountry hiking plan for you to help add to the level of security for your trip, but always remember that in the backcountry you must be self sufficient. Carry plenty of water. Satellite phones and GPS units are often quite helpful in the backcountry.

Did You Know?

Steam Tractor

The Washington Creek steam tractor was used in an effort to transport coal before it was determined that the coal in Yukon-Charley was too soft to be burned by sternwheelers.