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  • Caribou Hunting Emergency Order

    Alaska Emergency Order 03-03-14 closes the southern portion of Unit 25B to state subsistence and state general hunts for caribou. This emergency order does not apply to federally qualified subsistence users within Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. More »

Charley River

The Charley River
NPS Photo by Josh Spice

The Charley River is a complete watershed protected within the preserve and is virtually unaltered by modern human activities.



The preserve protects the Charley River in a free-flowing, natural state and the entire 1.1-million-acre Charley River watershed is seemingly unaffected by human activity.

Scientific Study

The Charley River basin is a focal point for scientific study of subarctic ecosystems that range from river bottoms to alpine habitat.

Wildlife Populations

The preserve provides habitat for populations of fish and wildlife, including but not limited to peregrine falcons and other raptorial birds, caribou, moose, Dall's sheep, grizzly bears, and wolves.

Charley River Recreation

Visitors are attracted to the remote and challenging floating conditions the Charley River offers,
as well as opportunities for float hunting, fishing, and other recreational pursuits such as wildlife viewing.


Did You Know?

Ice breakup on the Yukon River

The Yukon River freezes to an average depth of 52" in interior Alaska. Freeze-up generally occurs in mid-November and break-up is usually in mid-May.