• The Slaven's beach on the Yukon River

    Yukon - Charley Rivers

    National Preserve Alaska

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  • Caribou Hunting Emergency Order

    Alaska Emergency Order 03-03-14 closes the southern portion of Unit 25B to state subsistence and state general hunts for caribou. This emergency order does not apply to federally qualified subsistence users within Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. More »


Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine falcons nest on the bluffs along the Yukon & Charley Rivers. Populations have rebounded from the effects of DDT and now available space along the bluffs is potentially the limiting factor.



Wolves in Yukon-Charley Rivers are a species of concern, as they are a sign of ecosystem health. Their population is monitored each winter by aerial surveys and radio-collared individual wolves.


Species & Distribution, Passerines, & Ptarmigan



Arctic Ground Squirrel, Brown Bear, Dall's Sheep, Moose, & Snowshoe Hare

Did You Know?

Bull moose at Slavens Cabin

Hunting is allowed in a National Preserve in accordance with state and federal game regulations for harvest of wildlife.