PEFA Webcam 15 688x

Curious to see what's happening on the Yukon River? Click the link below to see the live webcam!

Technical Notes on the Camera

This camera is located in a particularly remote location - the images from it are transmitted via radio connection to a satellite uplink, before making their way to you on this page. This means the image only refreshes every 30 seconds or so, and sometimes refuses to load altogether. Manually refreshing the page a time or two often results in the image loading correctly.
For more information, visit our webpage on peregrine falcons.
Sample Camera Views

Below are some sample screen captures of the peregrine falcon nestlings at various places on the eyrie.

PEFA Webcam 1 688x
PEFA Webcam 2 688x
PEFA Webcam 3 688x
PEFA Webcam 5 688x
PEFA Webcam 7 688x
PEFA Webcam 8 688x
PEFA Webcam 9 688x
PEFA Webcam 11 688x
PEFA Webcam 12 688x
PEFA Webcam 14 688x
Yukon R webcam winter screen capture 688x

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