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Missing Person: Kenneth Stensby

Photos of Kenneth Stensby and his backpack

Kenneth left a note stating that he was hiking to the top of Vernal Fall on Sunday, May 5. Kenneth has not returned and his pack was found at the railing at the top of Vernal Fall.

If you hiked the Mist Trail or John Muir Trail to Vernal or Nevada Falls on Sunday, May 5, please email your name, phone numbers, itinerary, and approximate time that you were at the top of Vernal Fall to stensbysearch@yahoo.com.

Please check your photos for images of Kenneth or his pack. If you saw Kenneth or his pack, moved his pack, or have a photo of Kenneth or his pack, please call 209/372-0432.

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Did You Know?

Upper Merced Watershed

The Merced River above Nevada Fall and South Fork Merced River above Wawona, numerous small meadows and adjacent riparian habitats occur. Owing their existence to the river and its annual flooding, these habitats help support eight special status animal species: harlequin ducks, black swifts, bald eagles, osprey, willow flycatchers, yellow warbler, western red bat, and Sierra Nevada mountain beaver.