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Vogelsang Utilities Upgrade Project

Project Status
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The following is a list of the various stages that occur during a planning process. Though there are added public involvement opportunities such as meetings and workshops throughout, this outlines the major steps. They include:

Initial public outreach
Technical Study/Report
>Public scoping<
Plan development
Public review & comment
(EA or EIS)
Produce final plan/report
Decision document
Implementation of plan/project

Vogelsang is one of Yosemite’s five high sierra camps and is located approximately 7.5 miles south of the Tioga Road in the Tuolumne Meadows area.

This High Sierra Camp was originally established on the north shore of Booth Lake in 1923, which proved to be an undesirable location due to poor drainage and an abundance of mosquitoes. The camp’s present location on Fletcher Creek was established in 1940, and is the highest of the five camps at an elevation of 10,300 feet.

This proposed project incorporates three separate rehabilitation and repair projects within the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp (VHSC) and the adjacent Backpackers Camp. These include: Vogelsang HSC Water System Upgrade Project, Wastewater Upgrade Project, and the Replacement of the Backpackers Camp Composter.

Vogelsang High Sierra Camp Below Fletcher Peak.

Vogelsang High Sierra Camp Below Fletcher Peak.

NPS Photo

The purpose of the Vogelsang Backcountry Utility Upgrade project is to upgrade the Vogelsang HSC drinking water and wastewater systems to meet National Park Service (NPS), state, and federal drinking water and wastewater treatment standards, and to replace the non- operational backpacker composting toilet.

Documents pertaining to the Vogelsang High Sierra Camp project include:

  • Fact Sheet (228kb PDF) - initial information about project
  • Press release announcing the opening of public scoping
  • Response to High Sierra Hikers Association urgent action alert

Public Comments Received:

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