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Wildlife Species Lists

Belding's squirrel stands upright

Studies have been done on the social behavior of the Belding's ground squirrel.

D. Herr/U.S. Forest Service

Download the Yosemite Bird Checklist [343 kb PDF]. (To print on 8.5x11-inch paper, click on "Properties" to select "2 Sided Print, Flip on Short Edge" and scale page to "Shrink to Printable Area.")

Mammal species list

Amphibian species list

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Special status animal species (including endangered definitions)

  • Fast Fact: Insects make up the most abundant animal species population in Yosemite and throughout the world. Butterflies are the most studied insect within the park. View a comprehensive list of Yosemite’s butterflies.
  • Across the Country: 1,000 federally-listed T&E species are located in more than 200 of 392 National Park Service units.
  • Help the Scientists: Fill out a Wildlife Observation Card to report wildlife sightings to the park. [37 kb PDF]

Did You Know?

The Bachelor and Three Graces

Giant sequoias are a fire adapted species. Their bark is fire resistant and fire helps open the sequoia cone and scatter the tiny seeds. Fire also clears forest debris from the mineral soil and provides a nutrient rich seed bed as well as clearing competing species.