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  • No telephone service along Tioga Road

    There is no telephone service available along the Tioga Road from White Wolf to Tioga Pass (including Tuolumne Meadows) until further notice due to a damaged phone line. This affects all telephones, including hotels, campgrounds, and payphones.

Search & Rescue News: Rescue from Leaning Tower

July 24, 2013 Posted by: Yosemite Search and Rescue

On June 25, search and rescue crews began climbing the Leaning Tower to reach an injured solo climber who called for assistance via cell phone. Reaching the victim in under two hours, they determined he would need to be lowered from the cliff face, since he was unable to climb up or rappel down. Rangers were flown by helicopter to the top of the cliff, and lowered another ranger to the victim. The victim and ranger were then lowered all the way to the ground, where he was then transported to a hospital. 

No further information is available.


Did You Know?

The Bachelor and Three Graces

Giant sequoias are a fire adapted species. Their bark is fire resistant and fire helps open the sequoia cone and scatter the tiny seeds. Fire also clears forest debris from the mineral soil and provides a nutrient rich seed bed as well as clearing competing species.